Will Apple Stop Selling iPhone X ?

Will Apple Stop Selling iPhone X

Are You Shocked? I do not understand how this came to be, and if it is even true. iPhone X is Not Selling as Expected – Click here to Know Why

The iPhone X received the best sales in the history of iPhone. There is nothing that says that it sold poorly. Apple was struggling for a very long time to meet people’s demands on the X.

I don’t think this would be the reason Apple will pull the iPhone X out of the market.

I think the rumors are wrong, and that the iPhone X will not be pulled out of the market because they sold poorly, but more because they want to add a new line of iPhones this year, and discontinue all iPhones before that.

Many of The Guys Asked me Will Apple Stop Selling iPhone X?

If what I say is true, this might also mean an iPhone SE 2, and three new iPhones that will succeed the iPhone X.

Apple Strategy About Their Phones

It would make sense since the 2018 iPhone lineup would be an upgrade of iPhone X, and so no one would want to purchase an iPhone X anymore. Either buy the economic iPhone SE 2 or buy the flagship 2018 iPhone device.

In conclusion, I think Apple wants a clean slate for iPhone for 2018. Brand new faster chips and new designs are what they want. So you can expect removal of the iPhone X, and the addition of 4 brand new iPhones that are better than the original.

Apple will not discontinue the iPhone X due to weak sales as there is no clarification regarding This. Asper early estimates, Apple is going to launch not one but three iPhones next year. All the phones are little-tweaked versions of the current iPhone X.

If you will see the iPhone 5, Apple discontinued that after launching iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, as they are tweak versions of iPhone 5. The marketing strategy of Apple is entirely different compared to other tech giants out there. They are known for killing their products with new inventions.(e.g., iPhone Destroyed the iPod ).

Hence rather than selling the iPhone X for the lower price, Apple might discontinue that.

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