Unlock Airtel Huawei E 5573 s-606 Wi-Fi Router

Unlock Airtel Huawei E 5573 Portable Wi-Fi Router, which is already available in many countries , Huawei E 5573 is the model number Airtel chosen for India, but unfortunately Airtel placed a Network Lock in This Device , Airtel has customized this device with a custom firmware to disable the ” Enter Unlock Code ” Option , Because of that we can not enter an Unlock code into the device manually , the unlock chances are ZERO Left in this device by Factory , in this case a normal user cannot Reset the unlock counter of Airtel Huawei e5573 Wi-Fi Router, in this Guide i am providing you the complete solution to Reset The Counter of Huawei E 5573 , Also here you can get steps to unlock Huawei E 5573.

NOTE : Below Steps Wil Only Work With OLD Version of Huawei E 5573s-606 , If You have New Version of E 5573s-606 or E 5573Cs-609 Then Contact us For The Customized Solution

Unlock Airtel Huawei E 5573 – STEPS : 1

  • Insert a non Accepted SIM & Connect Device into a Computer
  • Let the Driver Install Itself and browser open normally
  • Airtel Device unlock Screen Will Show ” ZERO ” Attempts Left
  • Download Firmware 1 – Link Added Below
  • Flash With The First Firmware
  • if its asking Password – Enter the Firmware code
  • Click Here to Generate Free Firmware Code

Now Our First Steps for Unlocking is Completed 🙂


Got an Unlock Code ? if YES go for Next and Final Steps to Unlock this Device


  • Download Firmware 2 – Link added Below
  • Flash Device with the second firmware
  • after successful flashing just reconnect the device
  • Browser will Load to a page where Airtel Dashboard Asking Enter Unlock Code
  • Enter The Unlock Code – You Received From us
  • Huawei E 5573 unlocked Permanently

Download Firmware 1 – Huawei_E5573s-606_Firmware_21.
Download Firmware 2 – Huawei_E5573s-320_Firmware_21.

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