How to Unlock Samsung by Cable

How to Unlock Samsung by Cable is not Mean Samsung Phones can be Unlock by Some USB cables , it actually means we need to connect the Phone into the computer to make the phone is connected , and we perform an unlock through the computer using Samsung unlock client, Samsung unlock by cable method is a different method of unlocking, people may be unaware about it , Everybody knows Samsung Phone Unlock by Code method ,where phone asks for SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PIN , there we enter a code for unlocking the network.

I Have Written a Complete Guide About How to Unlock Samsung By Unlock Code ?

What is Samsung Unlock by Cable ?

Samsung Unlock by cable is an Alternative Unlocking Service for Samsung devices, Fastunlocker is able to unlock almost all model Samsung phones using a usb cable , some Samsung models unlocking by code cost is high, this is why we provides a cheapest method of unlocking for our customers ,

Unlock by cable is also a permanent unlocking service same as Unlock by Code. There is nothing is different from unlock by code , In The Unlock by code Method we putting unlock code directly into the phone , the code delivery may take up to 2 days , here unlock by cable is instant , just connect phone with a USB cable , and RUN Samsung Unlock Client , it will Read and Auto Enter Unlock Code into the phone.

Requirements :

Samsung Phone to Be Unlocked
Original USB Cable
Windows PC
Samsung ADB Driver installed – Download
High Speed Internet
Team Viewer Installed ( We need to connect to your computer )
Team viewer Alternatives Also Accepted
Enable USB Debug – See How to Enable ?
Some Models Must Be Rooted For Unlock By cable
After Unlock You can Un root and Upgrade Software
Unlocking is Instant to Minutes ( Depends upon our online presence )

How we unlock your phone by Cable ?

  • Install Team Viewer or any remote pc sharing software to connect us into your pc
  • install ADB Driver for successful connection of your samsung phone into the computer
  • Once we comes to your PC over the Internet – Connect your Phone to The PC
  • We will install Samsung Unlock Client Licence by Samsung
  • We Will Unlock the phone with in a minute – if Everything is OK
  • Your Phone will Reboot With Unlocked Network

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